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Class Schedule

Grossmont College English 98

Class Schedule
*All scheduled tasks may change according to time or other constraints

Week 1

9/4: Introduction, go over syllabus, interview each other; in-class writing, discuss writing process; introduction to narration, prewriting for narration
HW: Read Skills 3-34, 203-205, 451-454; complete review test p. 453-4 choose topic for narration (topics p. 215, 217—writing assignment 1 or 2) and complete 10-minute freewrite

9/6: Discuss writing process, subject-verb identification, parts of speech
HW: Read Skills 35-50; complete activities 7, 9 p. 38-41, Read 206-221, 118-119; choose details for narration paragraph, and create outline.

Journal Assignment: Write a page about what your goals are for this class. What do you plan to achieve, and how will what you achieve affect your future as a college student?

Week 2

9/11: Quiz; organization of narration, details, topic sentences, compound sentences
HW: Read Skills 51-66, 455-468, 171-177, ; draft narration paragraph

9/13: Workshop, discuss topic sentences for narration, create topic sentences in pairs; discuss fragments
HW: Read Skills 67-77, 243-249; complete activities 10-14 p 67-70; revise narration
Journal Assignment: Write a page detailing your proudest victories and/or your greatest strengths. INCLUDE AT LEAST FIVE COMPOUND SENTENCES.

Week 3

9/18: NARRATION PARAGRAPHS DUE; introduce process
HW: Read Skills 79-88, 250-263; complete activities 1-2 p. 82-86 (where it states to underline, list the answers on a piece of paper ); choose topic for process paragraph and complete listing prewriting activity

9/20: Quiz, go over activities
HW: Read Skills 89-104, 119-121 complete activities 5-9; draft process paragraph
Journal Assignment: Interview the most positive person you know, and write a page describing this person’s “secret” for being so positive. Include at least three complex sentences.

Week 4

9/25: Workshop, discuss complex sentences
HW: Read Skills 105-112; complete activities 1-4, read 470-481, 178-183; revise process paragraph

9/27: PROCESS PARAGRAPHS DUE, Quiz, discuss description (topics p. 193-194), run-ons
HW: choose topic for description and complete 10-minute freewrite; read Skills 113-118, complete activities 5-7, read Skills 482-491, 185-201
Journal Assignment: Interview an instructor. Ask the instructor five questions related to the class he/she teaches, and ask five personal questions such as hobbies, goals, etc.

Week 5

10/2: Continue description, go over activities, discuss verbs
HW: choose details for description and create rough draft; read Skills 122-132, complete activities 10-11 and Review Tests 1 and 5.; read Skills 516-521

10/4: Quiz, workshop; continue description; discuss adjectives and adverbs
HW: Revise description paragraph. Read Skills 133-143; complete Review Tests 8-10 p. 134-136, Read Skills 492-497, 287-295
Journal Assignment: Visualize your greatest goals and dreams in college and in life, and write a page describing that vision.

Week 6

10/9: DESCRIPTION PARAGRAPHS DUE; begin comparison contrast (topics p. 303), discuss subject-verb agreement
HW: Choose topic for comparison contrast and do dividing and listing activity; Read Skills 144-154, 296-302, 498-508, complete Activities 1-3 p 504-507
10/11: Quiz, Continue comparison contrast, discuss organization; review for mid term
HW: Create outline for comparison contrast. Read Skills 155-166; complete activities 9-
11 p. 154-161; Read Skills 303-310, 509-515

Journal Assignment: Read Skills 734-739, complete Comprehension 1-10, Critical Reading and Discussion 1, 2
Week 7

10/16: MID TERM EXAM, Continue comparison contrast—workshop outline
HW: Draft comparison contrast. Read Skills 162-166, 522-531, complete Review Tests 1, 2 p. 524-525

10/18: JOURNALS DUE, Quiz; workshop
HW: Revise comparison/contrast, Read Skills 222-228, 536-543; complete Activities 1-3 p. 538-542

NO Journal Assignment

Week 8

10/23: COMPARISON CONTRAST PARAGRAPHS DUE; begin Exemplification (topics p. 239)
HW: Choose topic for exemplification and complete listing prewriting activity, Read Skills 229-235

10/25: Quiz, continue Exemplification
HW: Draft exemplificationRead Skills 236-242; 544-556, complete activities 1-4 p. 550-554

Journal Assignment: Read Skills 715-718; answer comprehension questions 1-10, Critical Reading and discussion questions 1-2

Week 9

10/30: Workshop, discuss numbers and abbreviations
HW: Revise exemplification, Read Skills 557-564; complete activities 1-3

11/1: Quiz, workshop, discuss quotation marks
HW: Revise exemplification; read Skills 565-574; complete activities 1-6, Read Skills 264-273

Journal Assignment: Read Skills 723-725, complete Comprehension 1-10 (726), and Critical Reading and Discussion 1, 3 (727)
Week 10

11/6: EXAMPLE PARAGRAPHS DUE, begin cause and effect, discuss commas
HW: Read Skills 274-286, 575-579; choose topic for cause and effect paragraph and create clustering prewriting activity with topic as both cause and effect

11/8: Quiz, continue cause and effect--outlining, discuss punctuation
HW: Draft Cause and Effect, Read Skills 580-596; complete activity 1, Review Tests 1-2
Journal Assignment: Read Skills 743-746 Complete Comprehension 1-10, Critical Reading and Discussion 1-2

Week 11

11/13: Workshop, discuss homonyms
HW: Revise cause and effect, Read Skills 349-356, 597-603

11/15: Workshop, Quiz, begin argument, discuss effective word choice
HW: choose topic for argument, and do two prewriting activities of your choice; read Skills 357-372
Journal Assignment: Read Skills 750-757; answer comprehension questions 1-10, Critical Reading and Discussion questions 1, 3.
Week 12

11/20: CAUSE AND EFFECT PARAGRAPHS DUE, continue argument
HW: Create outline of argument essay; Complete editing tests 1-3 p. 606-608

11/22: NO CLASS
HW: Draft argument essay; Complete editing tests 4-8 p. 609-613
Journal Assignment: Read Skills 761-763, Complete Comprehension 1-10, Critical Reading and Discussion 1, 4

Week 13
11/27: Workshop final essay
HW: Revise argument, Complete Editing Tests 9-12 614-617

11/29: Workshop, Quiz
HW: Revise argument essay
Journal Assignment: Read Skills 641-646; complete Comprehension questions 1-10, discussion questions 1-8.

Week 14

12/5: JOURNALS DUE, workshop, review
HW: Revise Argument

12/7: ARGUMENT ESSAY DUE; review for final

Final Exam: 12/13 3:30-5:30

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