Sunday, September 30, 2007

Journal Assignment Week 8

Read Skills 732-739, complete comprehension 1-10, critical reading and discussion 1-2

Updated page numbers 10/25

HW: Read Skills 510-512, complete activities 1-2
Draft Exemplification paragraph to workshop on 10/30

Updated page numbers 10/23

Comparison Contrast Paragraphs Due
Exemplification topics p. 185, writing assignment 2
HW: Read Skills 184-190
Choose topic for Exemplification paragraph and do listing prewriting activity

Updated page numbers 10/18

Journals Due
HW: Read Skills 176-183
Read Skills 501-509, complete activities 1-3
Revise comparison contrast to turn in for final grade on 10/23

Updated page numbers 10/16

HW: Read Skills 488-494, complete review tests 1-2
Draft comparison contrast to workshop on 10/18

Journal Assignment Week 6

Read Skills 701-710, complet comprehension 1-10, critical reading and discussion 1-2

Updated page numbers 10/11

HW: Read Skills 160-163, complete activities 11-12
Read Skills 477-482
Create outline for comparison contrast

Updated page numbers 10/9

Comparison Contrast topics p. 233
HW Read Skills 148-159, complete activities 6-9
Read Skills 234-241, 470-476
Choose topic for comparison contrast paragraph and do dividing and listing prewriting activity

Updated page numbers 10/4

Read Skills 137-147, complete activities 1-5
Read Skills 463-469, 221-233
Revise Description paragraph

Updated page numbers 10/2

Read Skills 122-136, complete review tests 1-5
Read Skills 483-487
Choose details for description paragraph and create draft

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Updated Page Numbers 9/27

Read Skills 116-122, complete activities 7-10
Read Skills 445-462, 276-283
choose topic for description (p. 193-194), and complete 10-minute freewrite

Updated Page numbers 9/25

Read Skills 106-115, complete activities 1-4
Read Skills 430-444, 265-275
Revise Process Paragraph

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Updated page numbers 9/20

Read Skills 95-104, complete activities 4-10 p. 95-101
Read Skills 117-119
Draft process paragraph

Updated page numbers 9/18

Read Skills 83-94, complete activities 1-3 p. 88-94--where it states to underline, list answers on a piece of paper.
Choose process topic from p. 198, and complete listing prewriting activity

Updated page numbers 9/13

Read Skills 64-82, complete activities 11-15 p. 66-75
Read 192-206
Revise narration paragraph

Monday, September 10, 2007

Updated page numbers 9/11

Read Skills 46-63, 414-429, 166-175
draft narration paragraph

Class Schedule

Grossmont College English 98

Class Schedule
*All scheduled tasks may change according to time or other constraints

Week 1

9/4: Introduction, go over syllabus, interview each other; in-class writing, discuss writing process; introduction to narration, prewriting for narration
HW: Read Skills 3-34, 203-205, 451-454; complete review test p. 453-4 choose topic for narration (topics p. 215, 217—writing assignment 1 or 2) and complete 10-minute freewrite

9/6: Discuss writing process, subject-verb identification, parts of speech
HW: Read Skills 35-50; complete activities 7, 9 p. 38-41, Read 206-221, 118-119; choose details for narration paragraph, and create outline.

Journal Assignment: Write a page about what your goals are for this class. What do you plan to achieve, and how will what you achieve affect your future as a college student?

Week 2

9/11: Quiz; organization of narration, details, topic sentences, compound sentences
HW: Read Skills 51-66, 455-468, 171-177, ; draft narration paragraph

9/13: Workshop, discuss topic sentences for narration, create topic sentences in pairs; discuss fragments
HW: Read Skills 67-77, 243-249; complete activities 10-14 p 67-70; revise narration
Journal Assignment: Write a page detailing your proudest victories and/or your greatest strengths. INCLUDE AT LEAST FIVE COMPOUND SENTENCES.

Week 3

9/18: NARRATION PARAGRAPHS DUE; introduce process
HW: Read Skills 79-88, 250-263; complete activities 1-2 p. 82-86 (where it states to underline, list the answers on a piece of paper ); choose topic for process paragraph and complete listing prewriting activity

9/20: Quiz, go over activities
HW: Read Skills 89-104, 119-121 complete activities 5-9; draft process paragraph
Journal Assignment: Interview the most positive person you know, and write a page describing this person’s “secret” for being so positive. Include at least three complex sentences.

Week 4

9/25: Workshop, discuss complex sentences
HW: Read Skills 105-112; complete activities 1-4, read 470-481, 178-183; revise process paragraph

9/27: PROCESS PARAGRAPHS DUE, Quiz, discuss description (topics p. 193-194), run-ons
HW: choose topic for description and complete 10-minute freewrite; read Skills 113-118, complete activities 5-7, read Skills 482-491, 185-201
Journal Assignment: Interview an instructor. Ask the instructor five questions related to the class he/she teaches, and ask five personal questions such as hobbies, goals, etc.

Week 5

10/2: Continue description, go over activities, discuss verbs
HW: choose details for description and create rough draft; read Skills 122-132, complete activities 10-11 and Review Tests 1 and 5.; read Skills 516-521

10/4: Quiz, workshop; continue description; discuss adjectives and adverbs
HW: Revise description paragraph. Read Skills 133-143; complete Review Tests 8-10 p. 134-136, Read Skills 492-497, 287-295
Journal Assignment: Visualize your greatest goals and dreams in college and in life, and write a page describing that vision.

Week 6

10/9: DESCRIPTION PARAGRAPHS DUE; begin comparison contrast (topics p. 303), discuss subject-verb agreement
HW: Choose topic for comparison contrast and do dividing and listing activity; Read Skills 144-154, 296-302, 498-508, complete Activities 1-3 p 504-507
10/11: Quiz, Continue comparison contrast, discuss organization; review for mid term
HW: Create outline for comparison contrast. Read Skills 155-166; complete activities 9-
11 p. 154-161; Read Skills 303-310, 509-515

Journal Assignment: Read Skills 734-739, complete Comprehension 1-10, Critical Reading and Discussion 1, 2
Week 7

10/16: MID TERM EXAM, Continue comparison contrast—workshop outline
HW: Draft comparison contrast. Read Skills 162-166, 522-531, complete Review Tests 1, 2 p. 524-525

10/18: JOURNALS DUE, Quiz; workshop
HW: Revise comparison/contrast, Read Skills 222-228, 536-543; complete Activities 1-3 p. 538-542

NO Journal Assignment

Week 8

10/23: COMPARISON CONTRAST PARAGRAPHS DUE; begin Exemplification (topics p. 239)
HW: Choose topic for exemplification and complete listing prewriting activity, Read Skills 229-235

10/25: Quiz, continue Exemplification
HW: Draft exemplificationRead Skills 236-242; 544-556, complete activities 1-4 p. 550-554

Journal Assignment: Read Skills 715-718; answer comprehension questions 1-10, Critical Reading and discussion questions 1-2

Week 9

10/30: Workshop, discuss numbers and abbreviations
HW: Revise exemplification, Read Skills 557-564; complete activities 1-3

11/1: Quiz, workshop, discuss quotation marks
HW: Revise exemplification; read Skills 565-574; complete activities 1-6, Read Skills 264-273

Journal Assignment: Read Skills 723-725, complete Comprehension 1-10 (726), and Critical Reading and Discussion 1, 3 (727)
Week 10

11/6: EXAMPLE PARAGRAPHS DUE, begin cause and effect, discuss commas
HW: Read Skills 274-286, 575-579; choose topic for cause and effect paragraph and create clustering prewriting activity with topic as both cause and effect

11/8: Quiz, continue cause and effect--outlining, discuss punctuation
HW: Draft Cause and Effect, Read Skills 580-596; complete activity 1, Review Tests 1-2
Journal Assignment: Read Skills 743-746 Complete Comprehension 1-10, Critical Reading and Discussion 1-2

Week 11

11/13: Workshop, discuss homonyms
HW: Revise cause and effect, Read Skills 349-356, 597-603

11/15: Workshop, Quiz, begin argument, discuss effective word choice
HW: choose topic for argument, and do two prewriting activities of your choice; read Skills 357-372
Journal Assignment: Read Skills 750-757; answer comprehension questions 1-10, Critical Reading and Discussion questions 1, 3.
Week 12

11/20: CAUSE AND EFFECT PARAGRAPHS DUE, continue argument
HW: Create outline of argument essay; Complete editing tests 1-3 p. 606-608

11/22: NO CLASS
HW: Draft argument essay; Complete editing tests 4-8 p. 609-613
Journal Assignment: Read Skills 761-763, Complete Comprehension 1-10, Critical Reading and Discussion 1, 4

Week 13
11/27: Workshop final essay
HW: Revise argument, Complete Editing Tests 9-12 614-617

11/29: Workshop, Quiz
HW: Revise argument essay
Journal Assignment: Read Skills 641-646; complete Comprehension questions 1-10, discussion questions 1-8.

Week 14

12/5: JOURNALS DUE, workshop, review
HW: Revise Argument

12/7: ARGUMENT ESSAY DUE; review for final

Final Exam: 12/13 3:30-5:30

Course Requirements

Cuyamaca College English 98
Fall 2007
Class Time: T Th . 4-6:10 p.m.
Class Room:
Instructor: Swan Ashby
Instructor email:
Instructor phone number:
Instructor mailbox:

Required Text: Langan, John. English Skills with Readings. 7th ed. Boston: McGraw Hill, 2006.

Required Materials:
Collegiate dictionary and thesaurus
Writing journal college ruled minimum size 8X11
Floppy disk or flash drive
Access to a computer or word processor

Course Description: English 98 is an introduction to the writing process. You will study grammar, punctuation, and standard written English usage. You will learn basic sentence patterns to compose paragraphs and one multi-paragraph essay.

In this class, you will:

· Learn, recognize and practice the parts of speech
· Recognize and spell basic and challenging words
· Recognize and correct sentences containing errors in basic English grammar
· Write coherent (logical) simple, compound and complex sentences
· Recognize and correct fragments, fused sentences (run-on) and comma splices
· Recognize and correct errors in basic punctuation
· Relate the elements of grammar and punctuation review to the editing of written work
· Write simple paragraphs which include a topic sentence, organization, support, and conclusion.
· Learn and demonstrate the phases in the writing process
· Learn skills to write in an in-class setting
· Discuss and analyze selected reading assignments

Course Requirements:

Six 200-word paragraphs
One 750 word, multi-paragraph essay
One writing journal
Various homework assignments based on reading or writing exercises
Various quizzes on readings, grammar, writing process, etc.
One Mid Term exam
One Final Exam
Class Participation
Grade Break Down:

Paragraphs……………….30% (5% each)
Final Essay………………20%
Writing Journal………….10%
Mid Term………………….5%
Class Participation……….10%
Course Policies:
Attendance and participation are mandatory and create an optimum learning environment. If you accumulate more than three unexcused absences, or if your absences are so excessive that I think you won’t be able to pass the course with a ‘C’ or better, I have the option to drop you from the class. If you arrive significantly late or leave early, you disrupt the class, and you will receive partial or full absences. If you miss a class, it is your responsibility to find out what was covered the missed class meeting. Often, class meeting topics are on the class schedule, but you should exchange contact information with at least two classmates in order to ensure that you do not miss any work or pertinent material. If you know ahead of time that you will not be in class, notify me by phone or email—the notification does not mean that you will be allowed to make up work; it simply means that you are a conscientious student.

Late/Make up work:
Homework and essays are collected at the BEGINNING of each class session. Assignments turned in at the end of a class session will not be accepted. NO late work will be accepted without a documented emergency excuse. If you are absent the day an assignment is due, you must turn in the assignment to my mailbox the SAME day by the time the 100 Building closes. If you have a documented medical or other emergency excuse, I will accept the assignment when you return.

Journals are your responsibility to keep up with. Each journal assignment can be found on the class schedule. Each journal assignment should be minimum ONE FULL page. If you do not fill the ENTIRE page of the journal, or if your writing is very large, you will not get full credit for the journal entry. Journals will be collected TWICE per semester.

Paragraph Revision
You will have the opportunity to revise each essay/paragraph handed in. I will return the paragraph/essay to you with a grade and comments that show where improvements could be made. If you are unsatisfied with your grade, you can revise the essay to try to improve your grade. Revisions will be due one week from the date the essay/paragraph is returned to you. Revision does not guarantee that your grade will improve. If you simply make changes where my comments are, you have not gone through the revision process, which involves making significant improvements, not simple editing. If your essay/paragraph does not meet the minimum page/length requirements, you will not be allowed to revise your essay, and you must accept the first grade given.

Class Policies:

No cell phone use or ringing. This includes text messaging. If I see you text messaging or looking at your phone or any other electronic device during class, I will confiscate the device until the end of class. If you do not surrender the device, I will ask you to leave. If I repeatedly have to ask you to leave electronic devices alone during class, I will suspend you from a class meeting.
Come to class prepared. Preparation means that you have completely read the reading assignment and are ready to participate in a discussion of the reading.
Work cooperatively with other students. You will be asked to read classmates’ writing. Your comments should be productive and relevant. Blatantly attacking a classmate’s essay is not productive and is not allowed.
Be an active student, and take responsibility for your own learning.
During discussion and group work, one person may speak at a time. You are expected to listen attentively and refrain from conversation while another person is speaking. Treat classmates and instructor with respect. If I repeatedly have to ask you to stop having side conversations during class time, I will ask you to leave for one or more class meetings.
You are expected to refrain from behavior that interferes with other students’ learning and to respect and obey standards of student conduct while in class. Offensive, homophobic, sexist, racist, or anti-religious language will not be tolerated.

Academic Integrity:
Cheating and plagiarism (using as one’s own ideas, writings or materials of someone else without acknowledgement or permission) can result in any one of a variety of sanctions. Such penalties may range from an adjusted grade on the particular exam, essay, project, or assignment to a failing grade in the course. I may also suspend an offending student for the class meeting when the infraction occurs, as well as the next class meeting. For further clarification and information on these issues, please consult with me or contact the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs.

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities:
Students with disabilities who may need accommodations in this class are encouraged to notify me and contact Disabled Student Services and Programs (DSP&S) early in the semester so that reasonable accommodations may be implemented as soon as possible.